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Thursday, Jul 29, 2010

Move More! Eat Less! Take control of your health!


Physical activity promotes not only physical health, but also mental health by reducing stress, boosting self-esteem, and relieving anxiety. Not to mention boosting mood and gaining energy.


Get yourself moving! There is no need to spend time and money on gym memberships or equipment, 20-30 minutes of walking around the neighborhood, or playing soccer or basketball in your backyard, will do the job!


Make exercise a part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth or going to work.


Get your kids moving! Childhood obesity is a major threat to children and youth in our country. Children need to be active at least 90 minutes a day. Set a good example and exercise with your children: play ball, bike, swim, hike and walk together!


Play it safe to avoid injury! Make sure your kids have helmets when you go, biking, skiing, snowboarding. Drink enough fluids before, during and after vigorous physical activity, warm up before, and cool down after your workouts.


Start slowly! If you have not exercised in a long time, start slowly – 10 min a day, and then gradually increase time and intensity of your workouts. Doing too much too soon, may turn more harmful then beneficial.


Choose the activity you enjoy! Most likely you will stick to it longer. Also it will make it easier and more fun. However, to avoid workout boredom, mix it up and make it more interesting.


Try to engage friends and family in your physical activities, they can be great motivators, and provide encouragement, support and sometimes even competition.


Keeping a record of your progress and achievements, can keep you motivated. And when you achieve your goal, reward yourself! (but not with ice cream sundae or chocolate cake…..). A day in a spa or shopping for smaller size clothes is so much better!


Good luck

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Wednesday, Jul 28, 2010
Tips To Maintain Healthy lifestyle!

Tips To Maintain Healthy lifestyle!


Healthy lifestyle will help you to promote overall health, increase your feeling of well being and help you to lower the risk of chronic diseases .



Eat your breakfast!

Eating breakfast gives you the energy for the entire day! Studies show that dieters who skipped breakfast, gained weight. When you skip breakfast, you feel too hungry and overeat at lunch and dinner. Few examples for a healthy breakfast are: Non-sugary cereal such as Cheerios, Special K, Corn flakes, Rice Krispies, Kashi Heart to Heart with low fat milk, oatmeal with fresh or dry fruit, egg whites omelet, yogurt with granola and fruit, whole wheat toast with low fat cream cheese.



Drink plenty of water!

Staying hydrated is essential for optimal muscle and brain performance and water helps our bodies to flush out wastes and toxins.

 Whether you are trying to loose weight or simply not to gain weight, water is your best bet. Drinks such as sodas, fruit drinks, energy and sports drinks packed with sugar, alcoholic beverages contain unnecessary empty calories which will only make you gain weight.



Exercise regularly!

 Exercise promotes overall health and fitness. It will help you to control your weight and will give you that wonderful feeling of well being!



Snack wisely!

Think of snacks as small meals that provide nutritious foods. Choose a snack that includes several food groups such  as yogurt with granola and raisins, whole grain crackers and low fat cheese, apple and peanut butter, ½ whole what pita with hummus. By choosing wisely you will avoid snacking on fatty and sugary food such as cookies, doughnuts and potato chips.


Control your portions! Controlling your portion size will help you to monitor your caloric intake which is an essential strategy when you trying to maintain healthy diet.





Eat variety of foods! Select foods from all the five food groups:

Whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat breads, millet and barley, are rich in dietary fiber, essential vitamins and minerals.

Low fat dairy products such as low fat milk, low fat yogurt, low fat cottage cheese provide calcium and vitamin D for strong and healthy bones.

Choose lean protein such as chicken, turkey, lean cuts of beef, fresh fish. Beans, lentils and nuts are also good sources of protein if you are a vegetarian.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.


Cut down on sugar, salt and refined carbohydrates.

Try to avoid adding sugar to your coffee or tea, candy, candy bars, sodas and sweetened drinks these are just “empty” calories that do not contain any nutrients or vitamins or minerals.

Try to cut down using the salt shaker at meals and avoid any processed pre seasoned, pre packaged and fast foods.

Cut down on carbs made out of white flour: white bread rolls and bagels

(choose the whole wheat instead), cookies, cakes, pastries and doughnuts.


Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet.

Dietary fiber is found in whole grains, beans, lentils, fruits and vegetables.

Fiber helps to maintain healthy digestive system, makes you fill fuller faster and longer and helps lower blood fats and sugars.


Choose healthy cooking methods!

Grilling, baking, broiling, roasting or steaming is healthier then deep frying and pan frying, since it will save you a lot of unnecessary fat and calories.


Remember healthy eating is not about being thin or depriving yourself from the foods you love, it is about health, energy, longevity and just feeling great!

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Friday, Jun 25, 2010
New Maloof video by Nolan Lee

This is a new Maloof Money Cup 2010 video edit compliments of Nolan Lee himself

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Tuesday, Jun 22, 2010

• Healthy Eating:    Promotes overall health
                            Will help you to achieve high level of Energy
                            Will help you reach peak performance
                            Optimize recovery from workout.

• Choose well balanced diet! Choosing nutrition that based on wholesome grains , fruit, vegetables, nuts, lean protein and low fat dairy products is one of the important keys to top sports performance.

• Eat your breakfast! Breakfast is a key to a successful sports diet. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After an overnight fast your muscle energy levels are low. Your body will perform better if you five it adequate fuel. A healthy and wholesome breakfast combines carbs with little protein.  Some examples for a healthy breakfast are: whole grain cereal with low fat milk, low fat yogurt with granola, toast with peanut butter, oatmeal made with low fat milk and banana

• Drink enough fluids! During strenuous exercise, whether its practice or competition, your body loses fluids and electrolytes. Those fluids and electrolytes needs to be replaced! Drink before, during and after practice and competition!  Sports drinks are best during workouts and competitions juices milk and other decaffeinated beverages are fine during other times.

• Keep your muscles fueled!! Your body needs fuel before, during and after exercise! On  a regular basis eat at least 8-10 servings of complex carbs per day! Complex carbs such as bread, rice, cereal , pasta, beans, will create the base to maintain your muscle glycogen levels.

Pre exercise meal or snack such as low fat yogurt, banana and/or energy bar, will help you energize your workout.

During an extensive exercise that lasts more than 60 minutes, try to balance your water and energy output with enough fluid to match sweat losses and enough carbs to provide energy and maintain normal blood sugar level.

A winning combination for a "during exercise" snack: sports drink, a banana,an energy bar and extra water.

Post exercise snack will help to optimally nourish, repair and build muscles. As soon as you can tolerate, you want to consume carbohydrate rich foods and beverages with little protein.

Some suggestions are: vegetable juice and turkey sandwich, fruit juice,cheese and crackers, whole grain cereal with low fat milk and banana.

• When athletes train and compete in a hot environment, they need to replenish the excessive amount of salt lost in sweat. Good salt sources include salted pretzels, salted crackers .tomato juice, salted sports drinks.

• Although there are no specific vitamin recommendations for athletes, it is a good recommendation to eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to ensure your body gets enough minerals and vitamins.

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Tuesday, Jun 15, 2010
ProSport Wellness at Maloof Money Cup 2010

This was absolutely mind-blowing… best skateboarders from all over the world competing for the largest prize in skateboarding in the best city in the world – New York. The guys pulled out all the tricks and held nothing back, the action was at its’ peak and the crowd was going wild. In the heat of competition some guys did have to visit our RV with minor injuries, but we got most of them back on the course in no time. Our doctors were on hand in the center of the action to administer first aid to even the smallest injuries. No matter how insignificant they may have seemed, immediate attention of a medical professional helps prevent long term damage and that’s our primary goal at these events.

As most of you know we had a special deck designed by Universal Creative just for this event and 30 of them were raffled off on June 5th and 6th at Maloof by skateboarding legends Luis Tolentino and Nolan Lee. Some of our friends from 5BORO also made an unscheduled appearance by our tent and that was a wonderful surprise for us and most importantly – the fans. The crowd loved the guys and wend crazy for these autographed ProSport decks. The raffle had such an incredible turnout that out tent was literally almost knocked down and we had our people holding it from four corners to finish the raffle.

Thanks heavens the weather was great all up into end of finals at which point no one minded a brief rain shower to cool off from two days of scorching heat. To recap, we think the first east coast Maloof Money Cup was a tremendous success and we look forward to more of these events. See you there…

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Wednesday, Jun 09, 2010

So it’s 1am in the morning and we all just got back from Queens, lots to tell but no strength to type, so better see for yourself. Take a look at the last few albums in our photo gallery, this was fantastic

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Wednesday, Jun 09, 2010

Free Raffle at Maloof Money Cup by ProSport Wellness:

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Wednesday, Jun 09, 2010

So you know that we always cook up something special, here’s one for Maloof Cup this year: we had a custom ProSport Deck designed just for this event and they will all be up for grabs on June 5 and 6. Here’s a sneak preview

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Saturday, Jun 05, 2010
Maloof Money Cup - New York

ProSport Wellness is honored to be selected as the official first aid and medical team at Maloof Money Cup New York. Here's a preview of this groundbreaking event:

If you're lucky enough to have purchased tickets while they were still available, please make sure to vistt one our booths for great gifts and expert advise on health and fitness from Modern Medical and First Class PT. Don't forget to enter our FREE RAFFLE for a limited edition deck signed by NYC's skateboarding legends Luis Tolentino and Nolan Lee. We hope to see you there, this year is going to be unforgettable!!!

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Friday, Jun 04, 2010

Use RICE if you injured.

If you suffer an injury such as a sprain, strain, muscle pull, or tear, immediate first aid like R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) can prevent complications and help you heal faster.

Have a Routine Physical/ Fitness Test.

Any new activity can stress your body. Your doctor can let you know what your limits might be and suggest an appropriate amount of exercise for you.

Gradually Increase Time and Intensity.

When starting an exercise program, begin with moderate exercise of about 20 minutes,

3 times a week and gradually build upon this.

Warm Up Before Exercise.

A proper, gradual warm up goes a long way to prevent injuries. The warm up can consist of walking, jogging, stretching or simply doing your regular activity at a snail's pace.

Don't Workout on Empty.

While you don't want to exercise immediately after eating a large meal, eating about 2 hours before exercise can help fuel your exercise.

Drink Before You Exercise.

Dehydration can kill your performance, so stay well hydrated. Proper hydration and nutrition help you excel in sports and keep up your energy.

Listen to Your Body.

If you experience any sharp pain, weakness or light-headedness during exercise, pay attention. If you don't feel well, take time off until your body heals.

Take Time for Rest and Recovery.

Besides getting enough sleep, it is important to take rest days. Working out too much can lead to overtraining syndrome and can possibly reduce your immunity.

Dress Properly for Your Sport.

Use appropriate safety equipment for your sport, choosing proper footwear and wearing clothing that wicks sweat and helps keep you cool and dry.

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