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Friday, Mar 16, 2012
The Recent Truth About Red Meat.

A new study published today at the Archives of Internal Medicine, Reveals that any consumption of red meat increases significantly the risk of premature death.

Researches from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston examined eating habits and health of over 110,000 people over 20 years.

In the study it was found that adding just 3 ounce serving of unprocessed meat, for example , a piece of steak in a size of a deck of cards – to one’s daily diet, was associated with 13% greater chance of dying during the course of the study.

Even worse , adding an extra daily serving of processed red meat such as hotdog or two slices of bacon, was linked to 20% higher risk of death during the study.

Obtaining data from thousands of questionnaires that asked people how frequently they ate a variety of foods, the researchers also discovered that replacing red meat with other foods seemed to reduce mortality risk for study participants.

Eating a serving of nuts instead of beef or pork was associated with 19% lower risk of dying during the study. The team said choosing poultry or whole grains as substitute was linked with a 14% reduction in mortality risk; low-fat dairy or legumes, 10%; and fish7%.

Previous studies had associated red meat consumption with increased risk for Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer, all of which can be fatal. Scientist aren’t sure exactly what makes red meat so dangerous , but the suspects include the iron and saturated fat in beef, pork and lamb, the nitrites used to preserve them , and the chemicals created by high temperature cooking.

Also it is suggested that the saturated fat and cholesterol in red meat is linked to plaque buildup in the arteries, which increases the risk of heart disease.

With all that said , there is no need to become a vegetarian just yet. Small serving (2-3oz) 2-3 times a week, is still ok as a part of healthy diet. Red meat should be consumed occasionally, and not on regular basis.

And if you are already eating red meat, choose the unprocessed lean meat such as steak, and not processed meat products, such as hotdogs or bacon.

Bottom line: moderation. Moderation, moderation.

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Thursday, Mar 15, 2012
Americans eat too much Soduim

New study concludes American consume too much salt. New study conducted by the Center of disease and Prevention, say 90% of Americans over the age of 2 eat too much sodium.   The leading food that causes to this exceeded intake is not the potato chips or the pretzels but bread and dinner rolls.

A single slice of bread may contain as many as 230 mg of sodium, if you eat 3-4 slices a day (two sandwiches) it’s already 690-920 mg right there.

The average American consumes 3300 mg of sodium per day, while the 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend people to limit their sodium to 2300 mg per day.

People who are African-American, have high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease, should limit their sodium intake to even lower 1500mg per day.

About 99% of people in the latter group eat too much sodium the CDC report says.

Too much salt raises the blood pressure, and blood pressure is a major risk factor to heart disease and stroke.

The top 10 sources of sodium in our diets are: breads and rolls, lunch meats such as turkey, ham, pastrami etc., pizza, poultry, soups, other sandwiches, pasta dishes, meat dishes such as meatloaf, snack foods such as potato chips and pretzels.

Cutting back on salt isn’t always easy, especially if a person is used to eating salty foods. Some foods may seem healthy such as turkey breast which is low on calories and fat, but may have high level of sodium. In addition processed foods contain too much sodium as well.

How can you cut back on salt and still enjoy your food? Here’s some tips:

*Try to avoid the salt shaker, use low sodium spice mix such as Mrs.Dash.

*Use fresh herbs in cooking to spice up you food ( ginger, garlic,Fresh dill. Fresh parsley, fresh Basil,

Fresh Rosemary etc.)

*When eating out, ask for dressings, sauces, on a side.

*Eat more fresh fruits and Vegetables as snacks rather, then pretzels and potato chips.

*Avoid pickles, use fresh squeezed lemon or lime.

*Check sodium content of products, when food shopping. Low sodium food will contain 140 mg sodium or less, Reasonable amount is less then 200mg sodium per/serving, foods containing more then 400mg of sodium considered high  sodium food.

*Choose low sodium canned soup.

*Avoid dry pasta rice and gravy sauce mixes.

* Select frozen entrees that contain 600 mg or less of sodium. However, limit to one of these frozen entrees per day. Check the Nutrition Facts label on the package for sodium content.


*Use fresh, frozen, no added salt canned vegetables, or canned vegetables that have been rinsed before they are prepared.



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Saturday, Jan 28, 2012

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Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011
Good News For Chocolate Lovers!

 Some of the possible benefits of Chocolate were already discussed here. here is another proof that this sweet indulgence , is not all that bad.

 Researchers from Cambridge University found that chocolate may lower heart disease by 37%.

Results from meta-analysis study were published today in British Medical Journal.

 Researches from Cambridge and Columbia Universities looked at 7 studies involving over 114000 people.

Researchers found that those who ate chocolate at least once a week lowered their risk of heart disease by 37 percent, their risk of diabetes by 31 percent, and their risk of stroke by 29 percent, compared with those who ate it less often. The studies looked at the consumption of variety of chocolate, including candy, candy bars ,chocolate drinks, cookies, deserts and nutritional supplements. Also the study did not distinguish between  dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

Eating chocolate on a regular basis, had a major importance.

Chocolate heart benefits attributed to mainly the antioxidant polyphenol. 

Still, above findings, are not an excuse to overeat. Chocolate is still high in calories, sugar and fat, and everybody know what happens if you eat too much....

A moderate serving is only 1oz.

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Monday, Jul 25, 2011
Deck A Day Giveaway: WINNER #15

Wyler announces winner #15 at Tribeca Skatepark.

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Monday, Jul 25, 2011
Deck A Day Giveaway: WINNER #14

Tom Allen announces winner #14 from Tribeca Skatepark.

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Monday, Jul 25, 2011
Deck A Day Giveaway: WINNER #13

Local skater Devon Mcintosh announces winner #13 at Tribeca Skatepark.

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Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011
Deck A Day Giveaway: WINNER #12

Thanks to Luis Tolentino for taking a second out of his busy schedule to announce winner #12 ;)

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Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011
Deck A Day Giveaway: WINNER #11

Pro skater Danny Falla of 5BoroNYC announces winner #11. 

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Friday, Jul 15, 2011
Deck A Day Giveaway: WINNER #10

Pro skater Luis Tolentino announces winner #10 in the Deck A Day Giveaway. Happy Friday NYC!

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