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About Pro Sport Wellness

ProSportWellness is here to offer effective immediate solutions and preventive care so you can live longer and lead a fruitful life. With over 15 years of expertise in general medicine and other health related fields, our “battle proven” team of doctors and clinicians has been providing outstanding comprehensive care to professional athletes and regular people like us from all walks of life. We believe that a good health care approach is one that implements patient education. A natural holistic approach combined with traditional medicine and comprehensive physical therapy with individualized exercise program to reduce risk factors, provide early detection and prevent future illness.

Special Programs
Building on our 15 year expertise we have developed proven specialty programs for:

> Obesity management & weight loss
> Diabetes management & treatment
> High cholesterol & heart disease prevention
> Wellness & preventive care
> HIV care & special needs
> Pre-employment medical examinations
   & much more


ProSportWellness is service provided by Modern Medical, P.C. and First Class Physical Therapy, P.C.

Areas of Expertise

> Internal and family medicine **                     > Osteopathy **
> Natural medicine **                                     > Cardiology **
> Gastroenterology ***                                   > Dermatology ***
> Neurology and pain management ***            > Comprehensive physical therapy
> Sport medicine and orthopedic surgery ***        & rehabilitation *
> Weight loss and obesity programs **             > Fitness and wellness consultation*
> Podiatry and foot surgery**                           > Diet and clinical nutrition **

* Provided by First Class Physical Therapy, PC.
** Provided by Modern Medical, PC.
*** Provided by other providers/professionals/specialists.?

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